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How to check the quality of second-hand injection molding machines without being taken advantage of?

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Second-hand injection molding machines are very marketable, and many people will choose the latter in front of brand new injection molding machines and second-hand injection molding machines. However, there is still a big difference between a second-hand injection molding machine and a brand-new injection molding machine. Few people can see the hidden rules of the market. If you don't want to be taken advantage of, the best way is to check the quality of the second-hand injection molding machine. Otherwise, there will be problems in the follow-up and it will be troublesome to deal with. How to check the quality of second-hand injection molding machines?

One: hydraulic valve
Check the various hydraulic valves of second-hand injection molding machines, especially the industrial equipment hydraulic valve at the screw rod is the most vulnerable, because the second-hand long-term plastic parts processing and application, the hydraulic valve is inevitably damaged. Therefore, you must pay attention to this hydraulic valve when purchasing. If you buy it directly, it will be difficult to deal with the problem of the hydraulic valve, and it is not cost-effective to repair it.

Two: structure
Check whether the three major structures of second-hand injection molding machines are operating normally. There are three major structures for plastic parts processing.
1. The structure of raw materials, including raw material pipelines, must be inspected for feeding materials.
2. The injection structure, the injection nozzle, and the pressure valve are no problem. Whether the injection pressure is sufficient.
3. Power circuit, check whether the power circuit wires under the machine equipment are aging.

Three: Motor
Check whether the motor of the second-hand injection molding machine is ok. The motor is an important driving force for the operation of the plastic machine. Many people did not check whether the motor is ok when buying the second-hand injection molding machine. Professional and technical personnel assist in the search.

How long can second-hand injection molding machines generally last?
How long the second-hand injection molding machine can be used depends on what it refers to. If it is a major equipment failure, this cannot be determined. Normally, the crankshaft fracture of the Green column usually does not occur within 5 years, and the international brand usually does not occur within 8 years; if it is for products , It depends on the accuracy of the product. If it is an optical product with high accuracy requirements, the life span will be shorter, and the use time of ordinary products with low requirements will be longer. In addition, different manufacturers and different models of tonnage injection molding machines are different, different maintenance and maintenance, the use time is also different, if the maintenance is good, it can be used for 20 years, generally more than 10 years, there will be more problems Point, if the injection molding machine is imported, the maintenance cost is very high, and the meeting plan will not be cost-effective at that time.

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