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How to choose an injection molding machine?

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When selecting the specifications and models of the injection molding machine, we should first check the performance parameters of the injection molding machine according to the instructions provided by the injection molding machine manufacturer. These parameters are the main performance characteristics of the injection molding machine.

According to some technical requirements for the production of plastic products, such as the type of material, brand, product quality (weight) and size, find the parameters close to the specifications, the model of the injection molding machine will select and purchase the parameters corresponding to these parameters. Injection molding machine. At the same time, I also want to know whether the accuracy, speed and product accuracy level of the injection molding machine to be purchased meets the molding conditions of the product.

horizontal injection molding machine
The key control data of the specification include: the quality (or volume) of the injection product and the proportion of the shape size to the parameter value in the equipment, that is, the proportional relationship between the quality (weight) and the theoretical injection volume (or volume) of the injection machine: the length of the product (height) and the thickness of the molding die (on the moving template) The size requirement of the thickness of the mold and the distance between the dimensions of the mold and the moving distance of the injection molding machine.

It should also verify that the size of the mold to be installed on the injection molding machine is consistent with that of the injection molding machine.
1) the length of the drawing rod should be larger than the width and height of the die, so as to facilitate the assembly of the mould.
2) the size of the template meets the dimensional requirements of the mould when it is fixed and fixed.
3) the width and height of the mold should meet the minimum mold size recommended by the injection molding machine.

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