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How to choose temperature control equipment for PET injection molding machine?

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Common PET injection molding machines include PET preforms, PET bottle caps, etc. In the production process, in addition to heating, cooling is also required to speed up product molding. The auxiliary equipment needs to use a chiller or an oil temperature controller to control the temperature.

How to choose temperature control equipment for PET injection molding machine?
As a professional one-stop PET injection molding equipment supplier, LISONG provides PET molds, PET injection molding machines and other necessary auxiliary equipment.

In the PET injection molding process, there are two requirements for temperature, the barrel temperature and the mold temperature. Generally, the temperature of the barrel is controlled at 240~280℃, which can get better product performance. The mold temperature should be controlled at 100~140℃, so that the cooling rate and crystallinity of the melt can be better controlled.

PET injection molding machine
In the PET injection molding process, the PET molding temperature range is narrow, and the PET material needs to be heated at a high temperature. The barrel temperature needs to reach 240~280℃ or 250~290℃ to ensure that the material is fully heated. Therefore, a 300℃ oil temperature machine is required. Perform auxiliary heating. When PET injection enters the molding cooling stage, the temperature of the mold is controlled at 100~140℃, and the temperature should be rapidly cooled from above 240℃ to 100~140℃. The function of the chiller is to use cold water to quickly take away a large amount of heat energy and stabilize the temperature at In terms of the numerical value of the process requirements, the molding quality and production efficiency are ensured. For example, in the PET preform production line, LISONG will recommend customers a suitable chiller model to match the tonnage of the PET injection molding machine, thereby shortening the molding cycle of the preform.

The PET injection molding process is heated by an oil temperature machine and cooled by a chiller, which needs to be determined according to the actual production process, or used alone or in cooperation with each other. Choose LISONG injection molding machine, our engineers will match economical and reasonable PET injection molding machine solutions according to your actual needs. Welcome to contact us.

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