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How to control the opening and closing of the injection molding machine?

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Injection molding machine mold opening control : The molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity until the cooling is completed, the mold opens, and the product is pulled out.

The injection molding machine mold opening process:
1. The mold opens slowly to prevent the product from tearing in the mold.
2. The mold opens quickly, shortening the opening time.
3. The mold opens slowly to reduce the impact and vibration caused by the opening inertia.

Injection molding machine mold
Introduction of injection molding machine clamping control:
1. The clamp is a huge mechanical thrust to tighten the mold to prevent high pressure injection and charging of the molten plastic during the injection molding process, thereby creating a huge opening force for the mold.

2. Close the safety door, each travel switch sends out a signal, and the clamping action starts immediately. The first is to move the template, start at a slower speed, move forward a short distance, and then press the original slower switch to separate the lever pressure block to make the movable plate rotate forward quickly. When approaching the end effector, the pressure rod at the other end of the lever pressed the slow switch, and the movable plate rotated slowly again at a low pressure.

3. After low pressure clamping, if there are no obstacles between the molds, you can gently close it with a high pressure switch. Rotate the high pressure to straighten the machine hinge to complete the clamping action. This distance is very short, usually only 0.3 ~ 1.0 mm. As soon as the high voltage is turned, the clamping end limit switch is reached. At this time, the action stops and the mold clamping process ends.

The above is the introduction of mold opening and closing of the injection molding machine brought by LISONG Machinery. If you want to know more about the injection molding machine, please leave a message online or email:kevin@lisonginc.com

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