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How to cool the cooling system in a plastic mold?

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Lisong Machinery is a well-known manufacturer of high-speed injection molding machines in China. Here is an introduction to the design of the cooling system in the plastic mold.

During the molding process of plastics, the mold temperature will directly affect the filling, shaping, molding cycle and quality of plastic parts. Therefore, we need to set a temperature adjustment system on the mold to reach the ideal temperature requirement.

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Generally, the temperature of the plastic melt in the injection mold is about 200°C, while the temperature of the plastic part is below 60°C when it is taken out of the mold cavity. Therefore, after the injection molding of thermoplastics, the mold must be effectively cooled, so that the plastic parts can be reliably cooled and shaped and quickly demolded, so as to improve the shaping quality and production efficiency of the plastic parts. For plastics with low melt viscosity and good fluidity, such as polypropylene, plexiglass, etc., when the plastic parts are small and thin-walled, such as our plastic parts, the mold can be simply cooled or natural cooling can be used without cooling System: When the plastic part is a large product, the mold needs to be manually cooled.

The above is some introduction about the design of the cooling system in the plastic mold. For more information about injection molding machine or injection molding machine mold knowledge, please contact us!

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