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How to correctly operate horizontal injection molding machine?

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Horizontal injection molding machine is a type commonly used in plastic injection molding. In order to extend the life of the injection molding machine, it must be operated correctly!

How to operate the horizontal injection molding machine correctly?
1. Boot check
Before turning on the power, check the power cord first, confirm whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, check whether the proximity switch of the safety door fails, and whether the safety door switch is smooth.

2. To install the mold, manual operation must be used
Fit the mold to the fixed circle of the fixed plate to close the safety door, switch the mold switch to mold installation adjustment, and close the mold.
Adjust the mold so that the center of the nozzle is up and down, and the left and right are aligned, then the horse is mounted and the mold is fixed on the fixed plate. Adjust the stroke and speed of the thimble. If the stroke of the thimble is over-traveled, the mold may be damaged. Therefore, at the beginning, it must be set shorter.

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3. Molding operation, manual operation
Switch the operation selector switch to the "manual" position, and then press the pump start button. The safety door on the left side of the reverse operation must also be closed. When the mold switch is switched to "mold-off", the mold-closing action starts and the high voltage is completed.

4. The injection device is switched to "forward", and the nozzle contact is completed.
The injection device switch is switched to "injection", then the injection action is performed, and the pressure is converted from injection (primary) pressure to secondary pressure. Note: Start the screw drive motor 15 minutes after the temperature of the heating cylinder reaches the set temperature to avoid damage to the screw.

5. Measure the holding pressure time.
Switch the screw switch to the "rotation" position for measurement. Switch the injection device switch to move the injection device back to the proper position. After measuring the cooling time, switch the mold switch to "mold open". Press the eject switch to test the ejection of the finished product.

6. Molding operation automatic operation
Start the manual operation to stabilize the molding conditions, and then enter the molding operation with automatic operation. Before entering the automatic operation, set each timer first. When the molding is to be automatically operated, switch the operation selector switch to "semi-auto"
After confirming that the surrounding area is safe, close the safety door. When the mold is closed, it will switch from low-pressure closing to high-pressure closing on the way. After the party's closing pressure was confirmed, the injection device moved forward.

7. Stop the machine

When it is easy to produce thermal decomposition when using resin, first stop the supply of materials and inject all the resin in the injection cylinder to avoid the resin staying in the injection cylinder and cause thermal decomposition. At this time, in the next mold operation, the temperature of the resin hot cylinder must be careful, because sometimes the MELTON resin will be scattered.

At the end of the work and when the work is stopped, in order to ensure safety and protect electrical components, please turn off the power supply and clean the machine.

The above is the related matters related to the correct operation of the injection molding machine introduced by Lisong Machinery.For information about injection molding machines, high-speed injection molding machines, and injection molding machine manufacturers, please visit our official website: http://lisongmachine.com/product/index.html

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