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How to debug the vertical injection molding machine?

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People who are truly skilled in debugging vertical injection molding machines will not arbitrarily mobilize the machine as soon as they come up, but will first analyze and understand the specific situation of the machine problem.

How to debug the vertical injection molding machine?
The first is to go around the machine for a week, inspect what brand of machine the machine is, the mold is a product with several molds, and so on, so that you have a good idea.
1. Is the temperature of the machine normal? Is the mold water transported smoothly?
2. Then enter the computer board and mold debugging of the machine, first adjust the safety insurance → mold low pressure protection → switch mold speed (to be stable) → debug mold thimble → estimate the amount of glue required for the product → set the melt position → analyze the product structure → Start to set the injection parameters → try out the mold so that the vertical injection molding machine products run out of front (flash).

vertical injection molding machine
How to debug the injection molding machine?
The melt in the injection molding machine's barrel at the beginning of the machine has a long heating time, low melt viscosity and good fluidity. The product is easy to run off. After a period of production, the melt will continue to take away the heat, resulting in insufficient melt and viscosity. Large, poor fluidity, so that the product is short of glue, gradually increase the temperature of the barrel to solve it after a period of production.

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