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How to judge the quality of an injection molding machine?

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There are more and more miscellaneous-brand injection molding machines in the market, and some machines with poor performance are also mixed with good brands. How to judge the quality of an injection molding machine?
injection machine
What kind of injection molding machine is considered a good injection molding machine?
1. Super-efficiency and energy-saving, under the same working conditions, compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, it can achieve an energy-saving rate of 20%-80%.
2. Excellent molding stability, servo drive system, closed-loop control, compared with traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, molding repeat accuracy is greatly improved.
3. Super sensitive responsiveness, DKM sensitive servo drive responds quickly, and the quick start time only needs 0.05s.
4. Super performance and environmental protection, the whole machine runs with low noise, and the low speed runs more quietly.
5. Ultra-reliable pressure holding performance. Compared with traditional hydraulic injection molding machines, the pressure holding time adjustment range is wider and the pressure holding performance is more stable.
6. Ultra-constant oil temperature, servo motor proportional output hydraulic oil to avoid excess heat generation, slow heating, hydraulic oil does not even need to be cooled, realizing substantial water saving.

In summary, a good injection molding machine must have the above six points: super energy saving, super molding stability, super sensitive response, super performance and environmental protection, super reliable pressure holding performance, super constant oil temperature.

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