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How to make a large hollow injection mold?

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What is the hollow injection molding process? What is hollow injection molding? How is a large hollow injection mold made, and what is the focus of mold design? What types of hollow injection molding? What are the characteristics of each? Flow chart of injection molds that make injection molded products not deformed What is it? How many injection mold structures are there? What are the characteristics of each? According to the working principle of the injection molding machine, the injection molding process can be divided into the following four methods:

1: Extrusion and injection molding process:
Currently, three-quarters of injection molded products are manufactured by extrusion injection molding. Extrusion injection molding is divided into continuous extrusion injection molding and intermittent extrusion injection molding. Continuous extrusion injection molding is suitable for the rapid production of small products. The extruder is used to continuously produce parisons, and then the parisons are placed one by one into the split mold on the turntable, and then the mold is closed, inflated, cooled, and ejected. Other operations are performed in sequence. The batch extrusion injection molding method is suitable for the production of large injection molded products, and is usually used for the production of large polyethylene containers with high molecular weight.

2: Injection molding process:
Injection molding is obtained by injection molding using a parison. How is the large hollow injection mold made? The advantages of injection molding are that the product has a uniform wall thickness, a smaller weight tolerance, less post-processing and less waste. However, the cost of injection molding is very high, so it is suitable for the production of large quantities of small refined products, such as pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc.

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3: Stretching injection molding process:
Stretch injection molding is divided into two methods: injection stretch injection molding and extrusion stretch injection molding. Injection stretch injection molding is to stretch the parison through injection molding. Stretch injection molding is stretch injection molding of parisons manufactured by an extrusion method. plastic.

4: Multi-layer injection molding process:
Multi-layer injection molding is to use several plastics to make a multi-layer composite parison in an appropriate way, and then shape it through a conventional injection molding process. Injection molding refers to the introduction of one or several layers of low-permeability polymers to improve the solvent resistance or air permeability of the product.

The above four injection molding processes are the most commonly used methods. In addition, plastics commonly used in injection molding include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester and so on. For more questions about injection molding machines or injection molds, please pay attention to us!

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