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How to protect the injection molding machine mold?

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As the most important production tool of the injection molding factory, the injection molding machine mold determines the shape, specification, size, and appearance finish of the product. Do you know the elements of injection molding machine mold protection?

Due to the specificity, precision, vulnerability and other characteristics of the mold, the safety protection of the mold is very important. The overall summary is as follows:
1. Anti-rust: Prevent rusting caused by water leakage/condensed water/rain/fingerprints in the mold of the injection molding machine.
2. Anti-collision: Prevent the mold from crashing due to the breakage of the thimble and the failure to retract in place.
3. Deburring: Prevent mold burrs caused by cloth wiping, material punching, hand wiping, nozzle pliers touch, and knife touch.
4. Missing parts: prevent mold damage during use due to lack of tie rods/washers and other parts.
5. Anti-pressure: Prevent the mold from being crushed due to the mold being locked due to the remaining product.
6. Under-pressure: prevent mold damage caused by excessive low-pressure protection pressure.

What are the precautions for injection molding machine mold maintenance?
1. When disassembling the mold, avoid bumps and water, and move smoothly.
2. Spray the hot mold, and then spray a small amount of release agent
3. A comprehensive inspection of the mold and anti-rust treatment: Carefully wipe off the moisture and debris in the cavity, core, ejector mechanism, and row position, and spray the mold with anti-rust agent and apply butter. For professional plastic knowledge, please contact Lisong's professional technicians.

How to maintain the injection molding machine mold?
In the continuous working process of the mold, due to the wear of the parts, deterioration of the lubricant, water leakage, and crushing of the plastic material during the movement process, the mold needs to be maintained. The daily maintenance of the mold generally includes the following aspects:
1. Regularly remove rust (appearance, PL surface, mold cavity, core, etc.)
2. Re-add lubricant regularly (ejection mechanism, row position, etc.)
3. Regular replacement of wear parts (tie rods, bolts, etc.)
4. Other points to note: The lower mold maintenance of the mold requires professional maintenance personnel to remove the mold, and then conduct professional testing and protection of the mold cavity and thimble.

For more technical issues related to injection molding machine molds, please leave us a message or consult our customer service staff online!

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