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How to quickly change molds for small injection molding machines?

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For the injection industry, the theoretical production efficiency is 95%. In fact, the production efficiency of many injection molding machine manufacturers is far below this level. One of the main reasons is that a lot of precious time was wasted by changing molds.

Why can't users of small and medium injection molding machines accept "quick mold change"?
In fact, rapid mold change methods and equipment have been used in injection molding machines for at least 30 years. Generally speaking, rapid mold change systems are mainly used in large-tonnage injection molding machines. However, for small and medium tonnage injection molding machines, most of them still use manual mold change. However, the smaller the tonnage of the injection molding machine, the higher the proportion of the total production time consumed to replace the mold. Market research results show that most customers do not intentionally reject the rapid mold change system, mainly because they do not know much about the products and solutions of related companies, or more likely because of psychological conflicts with complex things, as well as emerging technologies and equipment. At first glance, this seems very complicated and impossible from the beginning, because it cannot be directly equated to "replace traditional code clips with hydraulic or magnetic clips" or "connect oil, water and circuits with quick connectors", but the production process A change in this requires cooperation from all sides. department. Although achieving the goal of "quick die change" requires a lot of manpower and material resources, things are always gradual. Strategic decisions are key. Starting from this success, the rewards will be displayed one by one. According to the user company's own situation, the maximum load that the factory can reach determines the time required for the final completion of the "quick mold change" project.

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How to realize the fast switching of two small injection molding machines?
1. List of industrial equipment
Usually, the equipment list of a normal project reflects the status of its existing equipment. It includes the parameters of the injection molding machine, the mold diagram and the information of the injection product. According to past experience, in almost all equipment lists, the size (clamping force) and brand (model) of the injection molding machine often exceed the needs of the actual production process. The range of mold models is often very wide, which limits the realization of standardized production and the establishment of flexible production models.
2. Grouping and Priority
A practical method is to divide these machines into several groups, and each group contains a certain number of injection molding machines, which have similar clamping forces and types. For example: 10 injection molding machines of different types and different closing forces can be divided into three groups. The result of this method is an equipment library containing multiple units, each unit including a batch of injection molding machines with standardized mold joints. The standardization of mold joints is the basis for rapid mold replacement, and the establishment of equipment libraries also provides the possibility for flexible allocation of production tasks. Actual production experience shows that flexible configuration of production capacity and the purchase of low-cost, suitable injection molding machines can offset the potential cost reduction pressure. After reducing the diversity of injection molding machines, the next step is to determine their production focus. In most cases, it is unrealistic to completely replace existing machines with new ones. On the contrary, it is necessary to divide the machine into one or two units according to their respective service life and technical conditions, and then decide whether to replace or expand the number of units.

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