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How to reduce the production error of the injection machine manipulator?

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Many machinery manufacturers now choose to use injection molding machine manipulators as the main production method, but the use of automated production in injection robots can improve product productivity and product quality, and reduce product production costs, which has been greatly improved in production. The mechanics in the injection molding machine can work accurately, which is actually a three-dimensional positioning problem, which is a combination of multiple lines and angular positioning. In many simpler cases, a single order of magnitude may be dominant.

The factors that affect the error of the manipulator of the injection molding machine are as follows:
1. Positioning method-different positioning methods will affect different factors. Factors such as the positioning of the mechanical stopper, positioning accuracy and the stiffness of the stopper, and the speed when the stopper is in contact.

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2. Positioning speed-positioning speed has a great influence on positioning accuracy. This is because the positioning speed is different, the energy of the moving parts that must be consumed is also different. Generally speaking, in order to reduce the positioning error, the positioning speed should be reasonably controlled, such as improving the buffering performance and buffering efficiency of the buffering device, and controlling the drive system to slow down the moving parts.

3. Rigidity-When the structural rigidity and contact rigidity of the manipulator itself are low, the positioning accuracy is usually low due to vibration.

4. Accuracy-The accuracy of robot manufacturing and the installation accuracy of speed control directly affect the positioning accuracy.

5. Drive source-hydraulic pressure, pressure fluctuations and voltage, oil temperature, temperature fluctuations will affect the robot's repeated positioning accuracy. Therefore, use the necessary regulators and measures to adjust the oil temperature. If the accumulator is used to stabilize the oil pressure, the heater or cooler is used to control the oil temperature, and the temperature and pressure are used to compensate the control of the flow control valve at low speed.

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