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How to safely operate horizontal injection molding machine?

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The first consideration when operating an injection molding machine is safety. After all, any mechanical equipment in use has its own risks. So, how to use the LISONG horizontal injection molding machine safely in practice?

1. Regardless of whether the LISONG injection molding machine is a horizontal injection molding machine or other types of mechanical equipment, employees must abide by certain safety rules when using it. Only in this way can they be safe. Before using the injection molding machine, the operator should wear personal protective equipment correctly.

injection molding machine
2. The horizontal injection molding machine should also be checked in accordance with the operating procedures. Especially for fixed objects, see if they are loosened due to vibration. Once loosened, they should be tightened in time to prevent unnecessary safety hazards during operation. It is also necessary to conduct a safety inspection of social security before operation, and run an empty vehicle before the empty vehicle starts to run to confirm that it is normal.

3. LISONG injection molding machine is strictly prohibited from malfunctioning equipment. Do not use it correctly to avoid unnecessary safety accidents during use.

In any case, safety is a very important issue. As long as the injection molding machine operates in accordance with the above-mentioned safe operation requirements, it will inevitably reduce many unnecessary troubles.

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