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How to set low pressure protection for injection molding machine?

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Many customers do not understand how to maintain the injection molding machine, resulting in damage to the injection molding machine. Here is Lisong Machinery's introduction: how to set low pressure protection for injection molding machine?

Qunji Precision Editor teaches you how to set low voltage protection for injection molding machine:
In the first stage, adjust the clamp pressure to the required pressure, which can be seen in the pressure gauge. For example, we need 120 kg clamping pressure. First, straighten the bent arm and adjust the thickness of the mold until the clamping pressure reaches 120 kg on the pressure gauge, and then continue to the next step.

In the second stage, the open distance is set, the open distance is not far, and the product is the principle. When setting the open buffer, the length of the buffer must be determined according to the opening speed. The faster the speed, the further the buffer zone.

injection molding machine
In the third stage, the first stage of slow opening is usually set according to the low pressure start position. If there is HART, wire position, etc., it is recommended to increase 5 mm according to the mold clamping position.

In the fourth stage, the fast clamping position is usually switched from the beginning of the clamping section to the fast clamping movement, and the size of the fast end position is determined according to the accuracy of the machine. The higher the accuracy, the smaller the position. It is usually set to 20-40 mm before the low pressure position starts.

In the fifth stage, first set the high pressure pressure speed of the fixture to 0, and then use a manual fixture to confirm the position where the mold is completely attached to the front mold. For example, the front and rear mold assembly position is 1.3MM, and the setting position is usually 1.4MM. If the position is set to be the same as the actual position, it is prone to error alarms, if too much, the low-voltage protection function will be lost.

In the sixth stage, the high pressure and speed are restored.
Needless to say this action. The reply is OK. After the entire low-pressure protection setting is completed, test with white paper. The white paper is not suitable or OK. Reduce the low-pressure position or reduce the speed pressure again. Low-voltage protection, low-voltage protection settings, the entire commissioning cycle does not exceed 5 minutes.

Above we have introduced some schemes for you on how to set up the low-pressure protection of the injection molding machine, hope it will help you!

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