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How to store plastic molds?

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Many inexperienced plastic mold factory masters finally finished the mold after a series of procedures, and then put them aside casually, waiting for customer acceptance. Unexpectedly, when the customer came to check and accept it, when the injection molding machine was put on, it was found that the produced product was very different from the prototype. What is the situation? This is because many novices do not know how to store molds.

plastic mold
Let's take a look at how to store plastic molds together:
1. The mold library for storing molds should be well ventilated, prevent moisture, and be easy to put in and take out.
2. When storing molds, they should be stored in groups and neatly placed.
3. Small molds should be kept on a shelf, large and medium molds should be placed at the bottom and entrance, and the bottom surface should be flush with sleepers.
4. When the mold is put into storage, it should be wiped clean, and lubricating oil should be injected into the oil storage hole at the top of the guide column, and then covered with paper to prevent dust and debris from falling into the guide sleeve and affecting the guiding accuracy.
5. Anti-rust oil should be applied to the edge of the punch and the concave mold or in the cavity and the surface of the guide column to prevent rust in long-term storage.
6. When storing the mold, a limit wooden block should be placed between the upper and lower molds to prevent the unloading device from failure due to long-term compression.
7. The upper and lower molds should not be disassembled and stored to avoid damage to the working parts.
8. Moulds should be regularly appraised for their technical status, and moulds that fail to pass the appraisal should be repaired or scrapped in time, and isolated.

If the plastic mold factory can implement the storage methods of the above plastic molds in place, I believe that our plastic molds will be able to store well.

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