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Installation and tryout of two-color injection mold

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The color of toothbrushes has also changed from the original single color to multi-color matching, so as to meet the needs of the public for products. Among them, two-color toothbrushes are the most exposed in daily life. Therefore, the toothbrush mold has also changed from a simple mold to a more complex composite injection mold. It can be seen that the production, installation and debugging of the two-color injection mold will also be very complicated, and the process of installing and debugging the two-color toothbrush mold will also become It is not the same, so it is necessary to understand the production process of the two-color toothbrush mold. The production process of the two-color toothbrush mold mainly includes mold design, mold parts processing, mold installation and debugging, mold acceptance, etc.

1. Mold installation
The installation of the two-color toothbrush mold includes the installation of the movable mold and the fixed mold. The movable mold mainly includes the movable mold plate, the movable mold backing plate, the hot runner, the runner backing plate, the cavity fixed plate, and the cavity. The fixed mold mainly includes the fixed mold plate, the fixed mold backing plate, the push plate, the vertebral rod (thimble), and the mold Core fixing plate, core, etc. The installation of the two-color toothbrush mold generally includes: the assembly of the mold base, the assembly of the core and the cavity, and the installation of the hot runner. Since the important design components of the two-color injection mold design mainly include the mold core and cavity, and the design of the primary and secondary runners, the difficulty of mold installation is mainly concentrated on the installation of the molded parts and runners. Considering the cost of the enterprise, the two-color injection mold uses a rotating shaft mold core molding method to produce products, and the runner adopts a hot runner. Therefore, the use of a rotating shaft core and a hot runner makes the installation and assembly process of the mold extremely complicated. . The correctness of the installation sequence directly affects the assembly accuracy of the mold, and may also lead to the assembly process, so the installation process method is also an important factor in the design of injection molds.

2. Mould installation
① Put the movable mold fixing plate upright on the workshop workbench;
On the basis of the movable mold fixing plate, attach the movable mold backing plate to it, and pay attention to install the fastening screws first, so that the parts of step 1 and step 2 become a whole;
② Fold the push plate backing plate on the movable mold backing plate, and use long fastening screws to lock the push plate backing plate from the movable mold fixing plate and make it into a whole;
③On the workbench not far from the whole of step 3, first lay the cavity fixing plate flat, then fit the cavity into the moving mold fixing plate and position the cavity with wedge blocks. At this step, pay attention to matching the left and right cavity Benchmark, it is particularly necessary to use the rotating shaft to locate the accuracy of the left and right cavities, and the alignment method can use Sudan red to assist in matching;
④Assemble the thimble separately, first install the thimble into the push plate fixing plate in turn, and then use the screws to lock the back cushion plate of the push plate with the push plate fixing plate, and assemble it on the cavity fixing plate as a whole;
⑤Next, put the integral part of step 5 upright and parallel to the fixed mold fixing plate, and then install the guide post from the back of the cavity fixing plate, and then use the fastening screw to screw the cavity fixing plate from the surface of the cavity to the previous one. The integral cavity fixing plate is locked together, which completes the installation of the movable mold.

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