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Professional injection molding machine injection molding analysis

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Professional injection molding machine injection molding analysis

1. Hot runner
An alternative to the traditional "cold" runner and runner system is hot runner. For the hot runner, the general process is the same, but in this case, the plastic should be kept heated so that it will never solidify in the runner. This speeds up production and eliminates the need to collect and recycle cooled plastic. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of hot runners, check out our blog here.

2. What is a gate?
The gate is the channel through which the molten plastic flows into the mold of the injection molding machine. Specifically, the gate is the entrance of the molten plastic, which is the vertical channel through which the plastic then flows into the runner and the gate. Generally, the entire assembly is often referred to as a runner. When looking at the various parts of the toy model, it is easy to see the entire system. The actual part is the final product produced in the cavity, and the connecting plastic is the cooling material inside the runner and runner. The entire structure can be seen in the plastic component below.

3. Gating and recycling
After removing the finished product from the sprue, you will find that you have a lot of plastic waste. This is generally regarded as one of the disadvantages of injection molding in this way. However, this residual amount is not without use. It can be collected, melted and recycled into usable plastic in preparation for the injection molding process again.

injection molding machine injection molding
4. Hot gate casing
The hot gate bushing is a heated bushing that can melt the plastic, otherwise it will cool into a hard rod. Unlike hot runners, these bushings do not keep the runners or secondary runners in a molten state. These hot runner bushings help reduce waste in this way, and because runners usually require the longest cooling time, they can also reduce cycle time. This process can be seen as an intermediate step between the convenience of the cold runner and the efficiency of the hot runner.

Which casting volume is right for you?
As with most decisions, the design of sprues, runners, and gates should be determined by the product being produced. Compared with the common injection molding material ABS, compared with some other materials (such as nylon), a larger runner is required. Other factors, such as the size and thickness of the product, also have a significant impact on the runner's design. As a result, larger cavities will require larger and more precise gates, which are the final channel for the plastic to flow into the mold.

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