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Some points that must be understood when buying a vertical injection molding machine

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Injection molding machine is a common plastic processing machine. For operators who use and purchase injection molding machines, they should first understand the performance of a good injection molding machine and which aspects need to be evaluated before choosing a satisfactory injection molding machine. , Let’s take a look at what aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing an injection molding machine.

1. Technical parameters of injection molding machine. When users choose injection molding machines, they can be judged by vertical or horizontal comparison. The so-called "longitudinal" means that the main technical parameters of the injection molding machine should meet industry standards and be reviewed according to industry standards. According to the material, shape, structure, and application fields and specific occasions of injection molded products; according to the structure, quality, accuracy, number of cavities, type of runners, and structure, shape, and size of the mold; according to the day, month, and size of the product The annual production capacity and the degree of automation are used to select various parameters of the injection molding machine.

PET Injection Molding Machine
2. When choosing a supplier, it is best to choose a manufacturer with a service office nearby. Because the structure of the injection molding machine is complex, problems will inevitably occur. Fast after-sales service is critical. Don't blindly ask for a low price when purchasing. The prices of accessories, domestic and imported, are very different, so you need to find out what brand of accessories the manufacturer uses. Of course, you can't see some accessories, such as loose seals, bearings, etc., so at this time the manufacturer's reputation and credibility are critical.

3. Select the model. The two main parameters of the injection molding machine are the injection volume and the clamping force. In order to ensure the quality of processed products, the weight of the actual product should be within 70% of the theoretical injection volume of the machine. Calculate the required clamping force according to the projected area of ​​the product. And pay special attention to whether the distance between the columns of the machine, the mold opening stroke and the minimum mold thickness are suitable for the mold.
PET Injection Molding Machine
4. Human-machine dialogue ability and operability. The operation and management of the injection molding machine should be more user-friendly, the operation should be convenient, and the display should be clear, easy to understand, and clear at a glance. It has the function of parameter selection, product quality control, mold data storage and various parameters automatic reproduction function, which can quickly diagnose and eliminate faults, reduce material waste in the shortest time, and restore normal system operation.

5. High degree of automation, complete functions and high production efficiency. Modern injection molding machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically, and fully automatically. As long as the mold design is reasonable, the fully automatic operation from injection molding to ejection and dropping of the product can be realized. It can also be equipped with a manipulator for unmanned operation. The core pulling function, the hydraulic nozzle control function and the fast heating runner probe function can all be programmed into the automatic program in the injection molding cycle for automatic circulation. High production efficiency is mainly manifested in the short molding cycle of each molded product under normal injection molding process conditions. This reflects the comprehensive performance indicators of the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems of an injection molding machine. Therefore, high-quality hydraulic and electronic components and sophisticated manufacturing techniques must be used to improve the sensitivity and repeatability of the injection molding machine system. The efficient operation of the injection molding system is a reliable guarantee.

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