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The future development trend of all-electric injection molding machine

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The all-electric injection molding machine is a small all-electric horizontal injection molding machine with a new concept. The power system of the all-electric injection molding machine adopts all-motor drive, PLC, frequency conversion and servo control technology. While achieving high-precision control and substantial energy saving, it avoids the common noise, heat and oil leakage of hydraulic injection molding machines.

What are the characteristics of the all-electric injection molding machine?
1. Adopting all-electric injection molding production technology, suitable for the production of high-precision products and micro-small precision parts.
2. Adopt screw plasticization, plunger injection structure and PID temperature control mode, which effectively ensure the stability of plasticization and metering, and is suitable for injection molding of various engineering plastics.
3. Using PLC automatic control system, reliable performance, strong stability, can realize one-person multi-machine management, and effectively reduce production costs.
4. Using frequency conversion and servo control technology, the energy-saving effect is remarkable, which can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the efficiency.
5. The full motor drive avoids the oil leakage and oil and gas pollution problems of the hydraulically driven injection molding machine, and keeps the workshop environment clean, which is suitable for the production environment of products with high cleanliness requirements.
6. Fully electric, greatly reducing noise. It not only benefits the operators, but also reduces the investment cost of building soundproof workshops.
7. It can be equipped with a new concept of hopper-type dehumidification dryer, which can achieve drying and production of various engineering plastics, high efficiency and energy saving, and effectively guarantee product quality.
8. A unique air-cooled mold temperature machine can be built-in, and the mold can be cooled or heated through the automatic circulation of the internal liquid, and no external water source is required.

all-electric injection molding machine
What is the future development trend of all motors?
1. Medium
At present, all motors are mainly used in minicomputers whose specifications are within 300T of clamping force. The reason is that when the clamping force increases, the load of the screw and the motor of the clamping part increase accordingly, and two motors are required to complete it together; this involves the problem of synchronization of the two motors, which is very important for the motor control system and assembly. The craftsmanship puts forward higher requirements, which also limits the large-scale of the whole motor. In recent years, with the increasing market demand for large-scale injection molded products, all motors have also developed from miniaturization to medium-size.

3. Intelligent
In order to achieve the goals of high efficiency, accuracy and energy saving, intelligence has become a new direction for the development of all motors; electronic and computer technologies such as automatic control of equipment units, closed-loop control of parameters, and online feedback control of process intermodal transportation have been obtained on injection molding machines. Wider applications, especially PC-based open and modular control technology, are increasingly favored by plastic machine manufacturers.

4. Ultra high speed
As the demand for thin-walled and complex structural products continues to expand, ultra-high-speed injection molding technology has emerged. Its injection speed is as high as 1,000-1,500 mm/s, far exceeding the 100 mm/s of traditional injection molding machines and ordinary full motors. 300-500 mm/s.

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