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Treatment method after injection molding machine water

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Under normal circumstances, the life of the injection molding machine will be shortened, and the function is not as good as before. After the injection molding machine is flooded, it may cause different degrees of water ingress into the electrical and mechanical hydraulic systems in the electrical control box. The treatment methods for different types of influent are different. The various treatment methods after the injection molding machine is filled with water are as follows:

1. Treatment method of electrical water ingress of injection molding machine
1.1. Disconnect all power supplies;
1.2. Remove the battery on the main board of the I/O computer within a short period of time after the water has entered, because when the battery is not removed, the individual components of the I/O board are still in a power-on state, which will speed up these components. The degree of rust and corrosion will increase the difficulty and cost of component repair;
1.3. Remove the electrical components in the entire point box and clean it with alcohol. If necessary, disassemble and clean the parts, including I/O board, 24V power supply, 5V power supply, transformer, AC contactor, air switch, axial fan, etc. ;
1.4. Dry, use the on-site drying hopper to fully dry all the components, and put the decomposed and cleaned components into the drying hopper in layers. The drying temperature is 50~70℃, and the drying time is 8~10 hours. Test the insulation resistance value If it meets the requirements, judge if it is completely dry.

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2. Treatment method of water ingress in mechanical hydraulic system of injection molding machine
2.1. Check whether the hydraulic oil has entered water. Open the plug at the bottom of the fuel tank on the frame, release a small amount of oil, and ignite it with a piece of paper. If the fire cannot be ignited and there is crackling during the combustion process, it means that there is water in the hydraulic oil and all hydraulic oil needs to be replaced.
2.2. For split type models, the connector plug and connector socket must be separated, and dry after cleaning.

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