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What are the advantages and disadvantages of injection molding?

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The advantages and disadvantages of the injection molding process are checked. The injection molding equipment is used to heat and melt the hot-melt and thermosetting plastics, apply a certain pressure to fill the mold, and solidify after cooling to make the mold. Today, let’s not talk about the working principle of the injection molding machine. What are the advantages and disadvantages of injection molding?

1. What are the advantages of injection molding?
1.1. The injection mold can be used to accurately control the wall thickness distribution of the parison, so that the wall thickness of the resulting container is more uniform, avoiding the thinning phenomenon that is easy to occur in the corner part of the general blow molded product, and the weight of the product can be controlled at + 0.1g, the accuracy of the thread can be controlled within 100μM, the mouth size is accurate, and the narrow neck product has high forming accuracy;
1.2. The obtained products do not need to be processed E times, no joints, saving the finishing time of the products;
1.3. The parisons made by injection can all enter the blow mold for inflation molding, no waste is generated during the processing, and the waste of molding materials is reduced;
1.4. Products with smooth surface can be obtained, no scratches, and clear characters and patterns on the surface;
1.5. Small batch production can be carried out economically;
1.6. Wide application range for plastic varieties;
1.7. High degree of automation, multi-mode production and high production efficiency.

2. What are the disadvantages of injection molding?
2.1. The molding of the product must use two sets of injection molding and blow molding molds and a hollow core mold with a valve, and the mold of the injection parison should be able to withstand high pressure, and the cost of molding equipment is high;
2.2. The temperature of the injection parison is relatively high, and it needs a longer cooling and setting time after inflation in the injection mold, which prolongs the entire molding cycle of the product and affects the production efficiency;
2.3. The internal stress of the injection parison is large, and it is easy to be unevenly cooled during the mold conversion process. Stress cracking is prone to occur when producing products with complex shapes and larger sizes. Therefore, the shape and size of the products are limited and only suitable for production. Small products used in cosmetics, daily necessities and medicine packaging, food packaging and other fields;
2.4. Higher requirements for operating skills of operators.

The above is the advantages and disadvantages of injection molding brought by the LISONG mechanical technicians. For more information, please communicate online or leave a message to us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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