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What are the advantages of an all-electric injection molding machine?

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The all-electric injection molding machine is popular in the market because it has performance that cannot be achieved by a fully hydraulic injection molding machine, mainly in:

"Energy saving"-energy saving is the biggest advantage of electric injection molding machines. Since the servo motor is directly driven according to the force required by each actuator, it not only improves the efficiency, but also improves the energy utilization rate. The energy utilization rate can reach 95% Above, it can save 25%-60% energy compared with full hydraulic injection molding machine.

The injection performance is stable. The dynamic technical parameters of the full-hydraulic injection molding machine are affected by the change of the hydraulic oil temperature and are prone to fluctuations. In contrast, the dynamic technical parameters of the full-electric injection molding machine are basically free from external factors. Mold molding parameters always conform to actual molding conditions, so stable injection performance and rapid response to precise injection molding parameters can only be truly reflected in the servo motor system.

electric injection molding machine
High efficiency, the application of servo motor improves the responsiveness of the system. Take a series of all-electric injection molding machines as an example. Its molding time is only 1/3 of that of a full-hydraulic injection molding machine. Since each actuator of the electric injection molding machine is driven by an independent servo motor, it is not affected by the system. It can perform compound actions, for example, it can be ejected at the same time during the mold opening process, and the mold can be closed at the same time during the plasticization process, thereby greatly improving the productivity.

Water saving. Since the all-electric injection molding machine does not use hydraulic oil, only cooling water is needed at the feeding port. Therefore, compared with the hydraulic injection molding machine with load-sensitive pumps, the cooling water consumption can be reduced by 70%, which is comparable to that of ordinary quantitative pumps. Compared with hydraulic injection molding machine, cooling water can be reduced by 90%.

Optimize the working environment. Because it does not use hydraulic oil, the working environment can be kept clean. The noise of the machine can be more than 10dB lower than that of a full hydraulic injection molding machine. While optimizing the working environment, the area of ​​the injection molding machine is saved by 15 due to the cancellation of the hydraulic system. %.

In short, the all-electric injection molding machine is more suitable for processing electronic, electrical, electrical, and other high value-added products with its advantages of high speed, high efficiency and high precision. Especially for injection molding of small parts, it shows its high performance, Advantages of high-precision injection molding.

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