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What are the best injection molding machines?

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In recent years, the injection molding machine market has developed rapidly, and various injection molding machine models, tonnages, and functions are constantly updated and enhanced. However, some corresponding machines with poor performance are also mixed with good ones. How to identify what kind of injection molding machine is considered a good injection molding machine is particularly important in the current market context.

What kind of injection molding machine is the best injection molding machine?
A good injection molding machine must have 5H. 5H means 5 highs, namely high speed, high precision, high energy saving, high stability and high safety.

1High speed:
An excellent injection molding machine must have the characteristics of high speed. An injection molding machine with an advantage in injection speed, other injection molding machines takes 40S to produce a mold, and if the PM injection molding machine only needs 20S, then in the entire injection molding process, not only the injection cost is saved, but also It can also improve production efficiency.

injection molding machine
2High precision:
The advantage of high-precision injection is that in the process of injection molding, the injection volume per cavity can basically be constant. This feature can greatly reduce the rejection rate of the product.

3High energy saving:
DKM injection molding also has the characteristics of high energy saving. The machine adopts servo technology. When it is not moving, the machine remains in a state without electricity. This state occupies 50% of the entire injection molding process.

4High stability:
A good machine cannot always have problems. Once the machine has problems, the original production must be stopped. If there are more problems, it will not only need to bear a large part of the maintenance cost, but also delay production. A good machine must have the characteristics of high stability.
injection molding machine

5 High security:
In fact, injection molding machines can be regarded as high-risk machines. It is not uncommon for production personnel to have safety accidents every year. A good injection molding machine must have high safety characteristics, which can effectively avoid safety accidents for machine operators.

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