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What are the characteristics of small injection molding machines and how to choose?

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The small injection molding machine has high raw material utilization, less waste and low energy consumption. Easy to use, high degree of automation, multiple splines can be injected continuously after one filling of raw materials. The mold clamping system is adopted, which is convenient for operation and strong mold clamping force. The special design of mold and equipment interface makes mold replacement and installation convenient and reliable. It is small in size and light in weight, and can be placed on a laboratory bench. It can be used in conjunction with the micro twin-screw extruder produced by our company. The material extruded by the extruder is directly squeezed into the injection barrel, which directly facilitates the injection into the required product and avoids the damage to the material due to secondary processing.

Features of small injection molding machine:​​​​​​
1. The injection machine is a plunger structure.​​​​​​
2. The maximum injection volume per injection is 30g. High usage rate, less waste and low energy consumption.
3. It can inject various national standard and American standard spline molds. The 30-gram model can process 100X100X(1-3)mm sheet splines and 150mm stretch splines.
4. With extruder, almost all thermoplastic polymer material splines can be produced.
5. The special design of mold and equipment interface makes mold replacement and installation convenient and reliable.​​​​
6. The sampling method is automatic demoulding.​​​​​​
7. The optional control system of the small injection molding machine is a PLC touch screen, which can store multiple recipes and processing technology parameters.
8. Easy to use, automatic injection machine, one filling of raw materials can continuously inject multiple splines.​​​​​
9. Using automatic operating system, easy to operate, strong clamping force​​​​​​
10. Temperature control zone: 2 zones, instrument temperature control, the highest operating temperature is 450℃.
11.The syringe barrel can be made according to the experimental materials Φ12-18mm​​​​​​
12. Small size and light weight, can be used on the laboratory bench or fume hood.​​​​​​

How should I choose a small injection molding machine to maximize my benefit?
There are many types of small injection molding machines. First, you need to clarify your own needs, and then look for a number of reliable injection molding machine manufacturers to provide your specific needs, wait for each manufacturer’s plan, compare, and choose the injection molding machine model that suits you. buy!

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