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What are the characteristics of speed injection molding machine?

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Today’s manufacturing industry’s demand for Speed ​​Injection Molding Machine continues to grow, and environmental protection and energy-saving requirements are also constantly improving. Lisong Machinery’s research and development and performance improvement of high-speed thin-wall injection molding machines have never stopped. Injection Molding Machine is more in line with the actual needs of customers.

Speed ​​Injection Molding Machine series (LS90-2100) covers 3 major models of high-speed thin-wall injection molding machines, high-precision injection molding machines and special PET injection molding machines. The production demand for thin-walled packaging containers is large, and customers purchase our thin-walled injection molding machines. So let's talk about the differences between high-speed thin-walled special machines and ordinary injection molding machines.

 Speed Injection Machine
The characteristics of Speed ​​Injection Molding Machine, what is the difference with ordinary injection molding machine:
1. Speed ​​Injection Molding Machine is highly efficient and adopts a three-axis linkage form, which is simply a three-circuit. The molding process is as follows: mold clamping-injection-cooling-mold opening (synchronous mold support, storage)-gap time. For example, if we use an ordinary injection molding machine to mold a product, it takes 10 seconds, while the high-speed thin-wall injection molding machine uses the principle of three-axis linkage, which reduces the molding time of the product by about 6 seconds. Two small steps are subtracted, but the time is increased by about half the speed. The molding process of an ordinary injection molding machine is mold clamping-injection-cooling-material storage-mold opening-mold support-gap time.
2. Speed ​​Injection Molding Machine is more environmentally friendly, adopts high-response servo system, lower energy consumption, stable operation, low noise and low vibration.
Ordinary injection molding machines use standard pumps, which pollute electricity, hydraulic oil, and noise.
LS1300K Speed Injection Molding Machine process

Taken together, DSpeed ​​Injection Molding Machine is a hybrid type of oil pump and servo motor. The advantages of the servo hydraulic system are as follows: the implementation of the soft-start mold will not affect the power network, in order to avoid the pollution of voltage and electrical radiation. It can effectively prevent the oil temperature of the injection molding machine from being too high, and greatly reduce the replacement rate of hydraulic oil. The servo hydraulic system has a good electric system gear pump, which not only reduces machine operation and noise, but also improves the working environment. Compared with the total power of ordinary injection molding machines, high-speed thin-walled injection molding machines can not only save 30~70% of power, but also greatly reduce product costs.

Of course, since it is a high-speed thin-wall special machine, we have to mention the injection speed of the machine. The Speed ​​Injection Molding Machine has a fast injection starting speed. The drive system of the all-electric injection unit adopts an AC servo motor, and the maximum linear speed can exceed 400mm/s.

Providing customers with cost-effective injection molding machines has always been the service tenet of Lisong Machinery. In addition, our thoughtful after-sales service system also makes customers more willing to choose us. Our high-speed injection molding machines are not only fast in delivery, but customers have demand. Our after-sales team It is the first time to respond and help customers solve problems, helping customers solve their worries. If you are interested in our injection molding machine, please consult us,email:kevin@lisonginc.com

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