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What are the different types of injection molding machine equipment?

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Generally, the injection molding machine equipment is marked as horizontal or vertical. This determines the way the injection molding machine fixes the mold in the machine. For a given application, this may be a key factor for the manufacturer. If the parts to be produced are large, gravity may be needed to help remove the parts from the machine. If the parts are small, they may need to be taken out horizontally on a table or other equipment to further manufacture the parts.

The way the injection molding machine melts the plastic into the mold can also determine the type of molding equipment. Certain types of cylinders use a cylinder that collects molten plastic in a cavity, and then pushes a piston down onto the cavity to generate pressure to inject the plastic into the mold. Another system involves a heated long barrel with a screw in it. Feed the plastic into one end, and use a screw to melt the plastic along it and push it down. The pressure required to inject the plastic into the mold is not generated by the cylinder, but by the pressure generated by the screw.

injection molding machine equipment

There are two general types of molds used in injection molding: hot runner or cold runner. The runner is the channel through which the molten plastic travels to the various cavities in the mold, and the molten cavities need to be filled in these cavities to make parts. If the molding equipment cools these runners, it is called a cold runner system. If the runner is heated, the device is called a hot runner system.

People who use hot runner systems usually say that they use a hot runner injection molding machine, even if it is horizontal and electric. Those who make large plastic parts might think that their machines are vertical, even though they also have hot runners and hydraulic systems. Since there are many types of injection molding equipment, each equipment is actually one of many different types of equipment, and depending on the combination of systems it has, they can be unique.

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