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What are the operating steps of the injection molding machine manipulator?

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The manipulator of the injection molding machine can complete its work steps in an orderly manner during injection, and all its actions are completed under the command of the control system. Under the command and operation of the injection molding machine manipulator control system, the injection molding machine manipulator is completed in accordance with the predetermined working procedure.

1. Make sure that the power source, air pressure source and other power sources are properly connected, and check the pressure of the manipulator air pressure regulator to .4mpa-.6mpa.

2. Turn on the power of the manipulator and perform the manipulator origin return action.

3. Set each action mode of the manipulator (select according to the needs of the specific product).

Injection molding machine manipulator
4. According to the label parameters on the manipulator fixture, enter the manipulator standby position and clamping position.

5. Set the mold opening stroke of the injection molding machine according to the parameters on the label.

6. Inspect whether the clamp screws are loose, whether the holding clamp clip is damaged, whether the cylinder expansion and contraction is normal, whether there is air leakage, whether the suction cup is intact, whether the fittings are stuck and other bad phenomena.

7. After the fixture is installed OK, observe whether all the fixtures of the fixture are on the same vertical plane, if not, adjust the blocking screw on the connection block to make the fixture on the same vertical plane.

8. Semi-automatically fine-tune the gripping position, after the adjustment is OK, save the parameters.

9. Then set the posture position of the manipulator in turn, the open position on the way, and the product open position.

10. Enter the manipulator timer module, and make preliminary settings for each action time. And preliminarily set the ejection delay (2s) and back delay (5s) of the ejector pin of the injection molding machine.

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