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What are the precautions for the operation of PET Special Injection Machine?

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When we use and manage the PET Special Injection Machine, we should follow the following principles: scientific management, correct use, reasonable lubrication, careful maintenance, regular maintenance, and timely maintenance. In the long run, the service life of the machine can be prolonged and the intact rate of the equipment can be guaranteed.

Today, LISONG machine will give you a popular science, what are the precautions for the operation of the PET Special Injection Machine?

1. When lifting, if the force is a pull rod, it must be protected with a soft object, otherwise it will cause a risk of scratching.

2. Before use, be sure to lubricate the PET Special Injection Machine; during use, you should pay attention to the interval between two lubrication not too long to ensure that the lubrication status of related parts is good, and also pay attention to other lubrication places lubricating.

PET Injection Molding Machine
3. When the PET Special Injection Machine is just connected to the power supply, pay attention to the rotation of the motor. If the oil pressure cannot rise, the direction of the motor may be reversed. At this time, the sequence of the phase wires must be adjusted to ensure the rotation of the motor. correct.

4. The PET Special Injection Machine is generally equipped with mechanical safety devices, electrical safety devices, and hydraulic safety devices. It is strictly forbidden to operate and use the PET Special Injection Machine without any safety devices.

5. The position of the electronic ruler has been set before leaving the factory or set by the relevant technicians on site during installation. Once adjusted, it should not be changed again.

Sixth, the internal detection function of the circuit, the operator shall not use it without authorization.

7. During the operation, the following matters should be noted.
1. Do not cancel the function of the safety door at will for convenience;
2. Observe the temperature of the hydraulic oil and control it within the specified range;
3. Pay attention to adjusting the limit switches of each stroke to avoid the impact of the PET Special Injection Machine during operation;
4. When the PET Special Injection Machine sounds an alarm, you must see the prompt on the fluorescent screen. Sometimes the alarm can be cancelled by manually operating the key. Don't be in a hurry to turn off the power.

8. It is not advisable to use unclean hydraulic oil, so as not to block the pipeline and reduce the service life of the hydraulic valve.

9. When changing to another kind of raw material, remove the waste material remaining in the barrel to avoid affecting the quality of the plastic parts.

10. Do not change the on and off status of the travel switch at will.
PET Injection Molding Machine
11. Ensure that the cooling water is unblocked, so as to prevent the oil temperature from being too high, which will accelerate the oxidation of the hydraulic oil and deteriorate the oil quality; the viscosity will drop and the local leakage will be accelerated; the aging of the seal will be accelerated.

12. When a certain fuse is burned out, do not change to another fuse at will, but consult, receive or purchase from the PET Special Injection Machine manufacturing company or agent.

13. At the end of the work, the following matters should be noted:
1. Before stopping the machine, the plastic in the barrel should be cleaned to prevent oxidation or long-term thermal degradation of the remaining material;
2. The mould and PET Special Injection Machine should be dust-proof and rust-proof.

As a professional injection molding machine manufacturer, LISONG will continue to work hard to push more products, injection molding machine maintenance, mold maintenance, plastic science popularization, safe use and other small knowledge for everyone.

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