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What are the silicone injection molding machine main characteristics?

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With the development of the plastics industry, the use of injection molding machines is increasing, and silicone injection molding machines have also been widely used. The silicone injection molding machine adopts a free-hanging injection device to realize the automatic alignment of the plunger and the centering of the barrel, reducing wear and tear. Only the silicone injection molding machine is disassembled.

silicone injection molding machine
What are the silicone injection molding machine main characteristics?
1. Excellent insulation, suitable for high-quality or high-tech electronic plugs.
2. LSR materials are suitable for use in high temperature or low temperature environments. The insulation properties, mechanical properties and physical properties of the materials remain unchanged at 200 ℃ or as low as -40 ℃.
3. It is resistant to gasification and aging, so it is suitable for outdoor applications.
4. It can be sterilized and is suitable for medical supplies and baby supplies.
5. Oil resistance, can be used in oil mining industry.
6. The thimble can be used with different skateboards, and the stroke can be adjusted freely. The demolding force, ejector pin advance and retreat speed and demolding times can also be preset as required.

For the main characteristics of the silicone injection molding machine, I will share with you today. The injection cylinder of the silicone injection molding machine is fixed during injection, and the natural back pressure is low. The injection table lifts the stroke. Large injection closed loop control. Digital back pressure remote control function. Variable plunger pump with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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