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What are the types of injection-molding machines?

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Injection molding machines are mainly classified according to the type of drive system they use: hydraulic injection molding machines, electric injection molding machines and hybrid injection molding machines.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic injection molding machines?
*The basic price of these machines is much lower than their alternative products.
*Replacement parts are cheaper and easier to find
*Less overall maintenance costs
*Hydraulic parts are more wear-resistant-they are durable.
*For higher-level products, the molding system is easier to control
*Hydroforming machine has excellent clamping force
*There are a large number of units on the second-hand market

*Hydraulic oil is continuously pumped 24/7, which consumes more electricity than other alternatives
*The liquid may leak and damage surrounding parts (bad for clean rooms)
*The temperature required for molding is higher, and more power and time are needed for cooling

injection molding machine
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric injection molding machines?
* Fast cycle time: These machines are digitally controlled, which means the process is completely repeatable and does not require supervision.
*The cleanest process
*Low production noise
*Lower energy consumption: The electric injection molding machine consumes energy only when it is running, which means that the output of the motor is only equal to the power required by the load.
*Precision and precision are the advantages of its advanced products.
*Higher repeatability, reducing waste and waste

*Expensive upfront
*In the second-hand market, the availability of replacement machines or parts may be challenging
*Maintenance supervisor must be proficient in hydraulic and electric presses
*Most are toggle clamps, very limited, there are two clamps

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid injection molding machines?
*Diversity of product design
* Both: The hybrid molding machine combines the energy saving and accuracy of an electric molding machine with the power generation capacity of a hydraulic unit.
*Replaced motor: Hybrid cars have replaced the fixed-speed DC pump motor with a variable-speed AC drive, so the pump runs only when needed and uses the necessary amount of oil to improve process efficiency.
*Less downtime: Compared with fully hydraulic or fully electric molding machines, these equipment require less maintenance and less downtime.
*Price point: There is a good gap between fully hydraulic and fully electric molding machines, making it an affordable choice. Especially for medical device manufacturers.

*All hybrid cars are different, which will cause problems when matching the right pressing force to the product.

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