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What industries use injection molding machine?

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In daily life, many things that can be seen everywhere are made by molds and there are many ways to produce molds, which are realized by injection molding machines, so injection molding machines are widely used. According to the arrangement of the injection device and the clamping device, the injection molding machine can be divided into vertical, horizontal, and vertical-horizontal composite.

What industries use injection molding machine?
1. Application of injection molding machine in chemical industry:
Because the molding cycle of injection products is generally short, it only takes tens of seconds to mold a product at a time, and it only takes a few hours to produce a large batch of parts. For some chemical projects, when more parts are needed, there is sufficient stock and only one idle The injection molding machine can meet the requirements of your products.

2. Application of injection molding machine in communication industry:
Basically all mobile phone cases, mobile phone accessories, electric board covers are injection-molded, then look at the notebook, keyboard, mouse, case, display case, etc. are all injected into the injection molding machine, so the injection molding machine is missing, will it be a mobile phone? Can't see it?

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3. Application of injection molding machine in the pharmaceutical industry:
If you have been to the hospital for a laboratory test, you will find that the plastic tube is injection-molded, and some containers are basically made of plastic, and only a corresponding mold can be used to manufacture the desired product. This can also be described as the benefits that the injection molding machine brings me.

4. Application of injection molding machine in machinery industry:
The most widely used is also the machinery industry. The machinery industry is progressing day by day, all of which stem from the support of other industries. There are more and more corrosive products, and the biggest help to industrial products is plastic. The processing of anti-corrosion products is becoming more and more difficult. In this case, injection molding machines are needed to form products. For example, plastic screws, plastic bushings, and plastic pipes are often seen.

I believe that in addition to these applications, there are still many unknown effects that I haven't noticed and need to be discovered slowly in my life. In recent years, China's injection molding machine industry has made great progress not only in the field of mid-end injection molding machines, but also in the field of high-end injection molding machines. The market share of China's injection molding machines is expected to gradually expand.

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