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What is a fully automatic high-speed precision injection molding machine?

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Nowadays, many traditional companies are worrying about labor costs. At the same time, people are animals with more complicated feelings. They go to work when they are in a good mood, and go on strike when they are in a bad mood, which greatly affects the production. This is indeed the case. If you buy machinery and equipment from a strong high-speed injection molding machine manufacturer, it can achieve the fully automated production you want.

The newly developed hydraulic injection molding machine of the injection system and the automatic embedding system of Lisong Machinery are perfectly combined to realize high-efficiency unmanned production. The injection system adopts a dual-drive system, which not only retains the original high-speed and high-precision performance, but also improves energy efficiency conversion, reduces the volume of injection parts, reduces the movement inertia, and shortens the operating cycle. The main features are as follows:

LS360K Speed Injection Molding Machine
A. The injection response time is ≤20ms, and the injection speed is 1000mm/s, and the product weight error is ≤0.5%.
B. Compared with conventional machines, energy saving is 40%-70%.
C. Suitable for injection molding of ultra-thin and high-precision products.
D. High-speed injection molding machine manufacturers have concentrated on the advantages of hydraulic injection molding machines, highlighting the advantages of high energy saving, fast response, high precision and high efficiency.
E. Servo controller is used to control the servo motor to drive the gear pump and screw, to implement closed-loop control of flow and pressure, to achieve precise control of multi-stage speed, pressure and storage and plasticization of mold clamping and injection.

Lisong Machinery specializes in providing customers with a variety of injection molding solutions, only you can't think of, there is nothing we can't do. Whether it is from reducing costs, increasing production capacity, or environmental protection and energy saving, our Lisong high-speed injection molding machine manufacturers can deal with it freely. We have a variety of injection molding resources, from raw materials to molds, to manipulators and peripheral automation equipment. We believe that our powerful resources will definitely help you solve various problems.

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