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What is an injection molding machine and what are its characteristics?

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What is an injection molding machine?
Injection molding machine is a kind of equipment used to produce plastic products. It is also called injection molding machine. In some places in the south, it is called beer machine. It is a kind of equipment that heats and melts the plastic, and pushes the molten plastic into the molding mold to make various shapes of plastic products.

What does the injection molding machine look like? Look at the picture and talk:

pet injection molding machine
The conventional injection molding machine is basically the same as the above. From the outside, it can be roughly divided into two parts from the middle. The part with a bucket on the right is the plasticizing unit of the injection molding machine. It is used to heat the plastic into a molten state, and can inject the molten plastic to the left like an injection syringe. On the left is the clamping unit, which is used to load and lock the mold. The injection unit on the right injects the molten plastic into the mold on the left, and after cooling, a molded plastic product is obtained. With such reciprocating action, products are produced continuously.

Of course, there are many types of injection molding machines, and there are also long shapes that are quite different from the picture above. However, those types of injection molding machines have relatively few applications and can be roughly classified as special types of injection molding machines, which we will introduce in more detail later.

To add, in our daily life, as long as we can see plastic products (such as mobile phone shells, glasses lenses, buttons, penholders), as long as we can look at them, most of these plastic products are produced by injection molding machines. of. Therefore, the injection molding machine is a major equipment for plastic molding and processing. Of course, not all plastic products are produced by injection molding, and some are produced by other methods, such as extrusion, blow molding, rotomolding, etc. We just have a basic concept.

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