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What is the difference between the servo injection molding machine manipulator?

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What are the differences in servo injection molding machine manipulators commonly used in the injection molding industry? This problem may not be known to most people, the following LISONG machinery will introduce you:

Servo injection molding machine manipulators mainly include four-axis servo manipulators, three-axis servo manipulators, four-axis servo manipulators and five-axis servo manipulators. The details are summarized as follows:

1. Single-axis servo manipulator
The single-axis servo manipulator is suitable for taking out the finished product and nozzle of various types of horizontal injection molding machines of 50 to 550 tons. The arm types are single-cut, double-cut, single-arm, double-arm, etc. The up and down strokes are 600/800/900/1000/1200mm. The traverse mechanism is driven by an imported AC servo motor, and the arm adopts a dual-stage double-speed structure, which is easy to adjust and stable. Quickly drop inside the mold to fetch objects, and slowly drop outside the mold to place objects, with the action function of "fast pick and light release". The servo axis of the single-axis servo has only one axis of traverse axis, and the other arms and drawing are driven by cylinders, so it is called a single-axis servo manipulator.

2. Three-axis servo manipulator
The three-axis servo manipulator is suitable for taking out the finished products and nozzles of various types of horizontal injection molding machines of 50 to 500 tons. The arm types are single-cut and double-cut. A jib can be added for three-piece molds, while clamping the finished product and the material head; the up and down strokes are driven by cylinders from 650 to 1150 mm. The horizontal axis is driven by AC servo motor as standard. The up and down, guide and dial are driven by air cylinders to increase the efficiency of extraction in the mold. Installing a three-axis manipulator can increase production capacity (20%~30%), reduce product defect rates, ensure operator safety, reduce labor, accurately control production, and reduce waste. The three-axis servo manipulator is called three-axis servo manipulator because it has one axis for horizontal movement, one axis for drawing and one axis for arm, so it is called three-axis servo manipulator. In-mold removal, in-mold inserts, automatic water cut, etc.

injection molding machine manipulator
3. Four-axis servo manipulator
The four-axis servo manipulator means that the number of axes is X-axis extraction, Y-axis arm, Z-axis horizontal movement, plus the fourth axis, which is the C-axis side attitude axis. It is generally called a bull-head servo manipulator, and the bull-head style not only refers to the outside The type is similar to the bull head type, which is similar to the bull head planer as the name suggests. The arm assembly and the drawing beam of the bull head manipulator are directly connected together, and the drawing direction moves at the same time. The front and two sides of the arm assembly have no shades. , It is an open structure. Because of its bull-head structure, it is suitable for taking out larger injection products and embedding hardware injection products; compact structure, stable operation, high speed and stability are the outstanding features of the bull head manipulator.

4. Five-axis servo manipulator
The five-axis servo manipulator is a manipulator that uses more servo drives at present. It is suitable for the finished products and nozzles of various types of body forming machines of 220T-600T. The structure characteristics of the five-axis servo manipulator: horizontal travel, drawing, and the arm are driven by servo The upper and lower double cuts, the pull-out square-through structure is movable, and the side capital is a servo side pose group, which takes out time and is convenient to adjust the fixture. Long life, low failure, less take-out time of 1.8S, larger load 10KG (including fixtures and finished products), mainly used for quick take-out or complex take-out applications, especially long products such as automobile products, washing machines and home appliances, and It adopts a systematic approach: few signal lines, long-distance communication, good expansion performance, strong anti-interference ability, accurate repeat positioning, multiple axes can be controlled at the same time, equipment maintenance is simple, and the failure rate is low. Five-axis main arm pull-out axis, main arm up-down axis, jib pull-out axis, jib up-down axis and traverse axis five axes, it can generally be used in conjunction with automatic water cutters, in-mold insert machines, etc. Automatic mold removal, mold inserts, automatic water cutting nozzles, etc. of plastic injection parts.

The above-mentioned LISONG injection molding machine manufacturers have introduced you the characteristics of different servo manipulators, etc. I hope to help you!

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