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What is the processing flow and method of the injection molding machine?

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Although plastic products can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, do you know how they are processed? Lisong Machinery has sorted out the content about the working process of the injection molding machine, and then we might as well have a brief understanding together.

1. Mold clamping and locking
The injection molding process is a cyclical work process. Generally, mold clamping is the starting point of the work process. During the mold clamping process, the moving speed of the movable template must meet the requirements, and it must have the function of low pressure mold protection. , To reduce the impact and prolong the service life of the mold; on the other hand, when the movable mold is in contact with the fixed mold, it transforms into a high-pressure clamping stage. The function of this stage is to ensure that the mold has sufficient clamping force to avoid injection and pressure holding. Flash and other phenomena occur at times.

2. Move the injection seat forward
When the clamping mechanism is closed and locked, the injection seat moves the oil cylinder as a whole to move the injection device forward to ensure that the injection nozzle is in close contact with the gate of the mold and prepares for the injection stage. After completing the above working process, the injection cylinder of the injection device works to push the screw of the injection molding machine forward, so that the melt at the front of the barrel is injected into the mold cavity at a certain pressure and speed. At this time, the pressure of the screw head acting on the melt is called the injection pressure.
After the molten material is injected into the mold cavity, the volume of the material in the mold cavity shrinks due to the heat and cold conduction of the mold. In order to ensure the compactness, dimensional accuracy, strength and rigidity of plastic products, the injection system must apply a certain pressure to the mold for replenishment until the plastic in the pouring system (the key is the gate) freezes, at which time the screw acts on the melting The pressure on the material is called the holding pressure.

PET injection molding machine
3. The injection device moves back
Whether the injection device advances or retreats depends on the process of the plastic being processed. Sometimes in the pre-molding (melting glue), some are returned before the glue is melted, and the temperature of the material in the nozzle of some injection devices is too low, which affects the next injection and the quality of the product. Sometimes it is easy to clean the material, and often the injection device is returned.

4. Mold opening and ejection of products
After the products in the mold are cooled and shaped, the clamping mechanism opens the mold. Under the combined action of the ejection system of the injection molding machine and the ejection mechanism of the mold, the product is automatically ejected and prepared for the next molding process.

Although the injection molding machine has very significant advantages in forming complex and precise plastic products at one time, it will be difficult to use the equipment if the specific processing flow is only known before actual use. The value of use.

After years of concentrated manufacturing, Lisong Machinery has accumulated very rich experience in the design, production and production of injection molding machines. If you have any needs in this regard, please leave a message to us, and we will ensure that we can better complete your Various needs and benefits.

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