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What is the reason why the mold cannot be opened in the maintenance of the injection molding machine?

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In the maintenance of injection molding machines, the failure of mold opening is often encountered. Examples: unable to open mold.It is mainly divided into three failure phenomena: no action under pressure, action under pressure, no action under pressure.
1. There is pressure and no action:
first check the display light of the mold opening valve on the output board of the injection molding machine. It means that the computer output is normal and there is a problem with the circuit from the computer to the mold opening valve. The valve, another person opens the mold, if the mold can be opened smoothly after the top, it is to confirm the route problem and pull a thread to solve it.

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2. When the injection molding machine is under pressure during maintenance, the mold can be opened, but the mold cannot be opened, indicating that the output board is normal and the circuit from the output board to the valve is also normal. There are four situations here,
(1): The fastening screw of the piston of the clamping cylinder is loose, causing the screw to pull in the cylinder, such as the piston rod being stuck;
(2): Mechanical reverse lock, the best way is to disassemble the clamping oil pipe and operate with a jack, so that it will not cause damage to the machine;
(3): Unmovable caused by machine twisting (such as burning of twisted edges, etc.);
(4): It is caused by interference (oil interference and circuit interference). If the valve core is clamped and the mold opening action is required, the oil supply of the oil pump cannot reach the pressure and flow required for mold opening, and of course it cannot Mold opening; another kind of interference is the interference of the circuit, such as the mold opening wire and the mold clamping wire are connected, because the mold opening valve and the clamping valve work at the same time, the pressure is about 20 kg, and the mold cannot be opened.
3. When the injection molding machine is repaired, there is no pressure and no action, but check that the computer output board is normal, there is pressure speed, the mold opening valve has output, and the computer homepage is displayed. In this case, we will check other actions, such as injection The station and the shooting seat are found to be normal, indicating that this phenomenon belongs to the unity of mold opening. The general inspection is that one person opens the mold and the other uses a multimeter to measure whether the coil voltage of the mold opening valve is around 22-30V. If so, we will Temporarily pull the mold opening valve coil out of the plug and open the mold. If there is pressure but no action, then we only need to disassemble the mold cylinder to make sure that there is a piston in it loosening from the piston rod.

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