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What is the servo motor injection molding machine?what are the advantages?

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What is the servo motor injection molding machine
The servo injection molding machine is equipped with a high-performance servo variable speed power control system. During the molding process of the injection molding machine, different pressure flows produce different frequency outputs, as well as precise closed-loop control of the pressure flow. The servo motor realizes the speed response to the high energy demand of the injection molding machine And the best match and automatic adjustment.

What are the advantages of a servo injection molding machine?
1. Power saving: Servo motor Servo injection molding machine can be replaced as needed. Unlike a three-phase AC asynchronous motor, the speed and torque are constant, and the output power is the motor torque speed =​​ X, thus achieving the effect Power saving, this is very obvious. In addition, the magnetic field in the servo motor is generated by ferromagnetic materials. The magnetic field of an AC asynchronous motor is the alternating current generated by the stator of the motor to consume energy (estimated about 10%). Therefore, power saving is a feature of servo injection molding machines.

Servo energy saving series injection molding machine
2. High precision: Because the servo-type injection molding machine uses a pressure sensor, the pressure sensor continuously feeds back signals, and the control system performs real-time control, so that the pressure and flow of each stage can be quickly and accurately realized. A double closed loop control is realized. The repeatability of the product is improved. The traditional injection molding machine is open-loop controlled, and the accuracy is much lower.

3. High efficiency: Since the response speed of the servo motor is only +0.5 milliseconds from 0 to the rated speed, the efficiency of the processed products is increased by about 2%.

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