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What is the use of the insulation cover of the horizontal injection molding machine?

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Customers who have used the horizontal injection molding machine know that there is a heat insulation cover on the horizontal injection molding machine. This heat insulation cover has its key functions. It can very well reduce the outflow of heat in the injection molding machine. , Reasonably reduce the temperature of the natural working environment, can make the staff more comfortable in the working situation, and can also save the cost of central air-conditioning. Let's introduce Lisong Machinery below.

Horizontal injection molding machine is a kind of electronic injection molding machine that is widely used and cost-effective among several types. Compared with electronic injection molding machines with higher technological components, the price is relatively lower. In addition, its greater advantage is that it saves more indoor space, because it has vertical design of injection equipment and mold equipment, which promotes It is less than half of the electronic injection molding machine. For manufacturing companies, saving indoor space in production is undoubtedly reducing capital investment. Therefore, electronic injection molding machines have always been the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

hign-speed injection machine

The second advantage of the horizontal injection molding machine is that it can form more high-precision components and has a higher reliability for plastic forming. It often has the advantage that this kind of electronic injection molding machine does not have. It is modified with a mechanical arm, and the dual-mode forming is selected, and the left and right molds have additional functions. And because the equipment is actually operated vertically, it is not the same as the abrasive tool. The center of gravity is in the same direction, so that the electronic injection molding machine is not prone to dumping of the abrasive tool during the operation process.

Advantages of refitting the insulation sleeve on the horizontal injection molding machine:
1. It is beneficial to reduce convective heat transfer, reduce the outflow of heat in the electronic injection molding machine, thereby reducing the working temperature at work, and reducing the discomfort of the staff at work. In addition, for these injection molding manufacturers who have modified the central air conditioner, then Air-conditioning costs will also be relatively reduced, reducing costs;

2. The heating rate becomes faster when the production is started, and the preparation time at the beginning of the production is reduced. In simple terms, there is no heat insulation cover, while heating, the outer surface is exhausted, and the heat insulation cover is mainly It is to minimize the heat damage. Reducing thermal damage is saving electricity and improving the high efficiency of manufacturing.

Lisong Machinery mainly produces high-speed injection molding machines, which are used in medical, food, chemical and other industries. If you want to know more about injection molding machine related knowledge, please follow us, or leave us a message online!

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