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What should I do if I want to start a plastic injection molding business?

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What should I do if I want to start a plastic injection molding business? Here Lisong Machinery will introduce you some simple but indispensable.

1. Open up the market:
Find the required industrial product requirements and cost accounting, and select the appropriate injection molding machine (you can directly explore on the Internet, and there are many dealers who can help you find the right machine).
2. Choose the wise machine according to your mould and product:
If you only want to produce a single type of product, please consult the mold manufacturer and he will provide you with the most suitable machine for the component. Choose the right mold maker. The local mold maker will make the mold cheaper, but burrs may occur in some strokes.
 injection molding machine
The cost of a professional mold maker will be nearly 2 times or even 3 times that of a local mold maker, so that the mold maker uses suitable materials (high-quality metal) to make molds. If the mold is wrong, it will affect the clamping device of the machine and reduce the service life. If there are small defects, the tonnage will not be evenly distributed throughout the mold.

3. Looking for raw material suppliers

4. Allocate appropriate industrial zones
Assemble refrigerators, loaders and other auxiliary equipment.

The initial start-up requires not only an injection molding machine, but (depending on your product and machine) also a water cooler, dryer, air compressor, grinder, loader, conveyor, packaging robot, etc.

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