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What should I do if the injection molding machine is broken?

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The injection molding machine is the crystallization of the integration of machinery, electric control and hydraulic pressure. The electrics are complicated, the hydraulic pipelines are crossed, and the controllers are diverse. The products have been malfunctioning from the 1980s to the present.

How to repair the injection molding machine?
Action: First, check whether the display light of the mold opening valve on the output board is on or not. It indicates that the computer output is normal, and there is a problem with the circuit from the computer to the mold opening valve. Mold action, if the mold can be opened smoothly after topping, it is to confirm the route problem and re-pull a line to solve (circuit problem).

Because the internal circuit diagram of the injection molding machine controller is quite complicated, the manufacturer does not provide it. Therefore, there is no need to clarify in detail. It is important to understand the role of each part, the function of each board, the destination of the interface, the meaning of the LED light, etc. Nowadays, there are many models of injection molding machine controllers, which are updated quickly, and different manufacturers and different models are often very different. To understand its commonality and individuality. Look at the electrical diagram of the injection molding machine and digest the electrical diagram of the injection molding machine. For each electrical component, such as contactors, relays, time relays, etc., as well as the input and output of PC and PLC, please indicate one by one on the electrical diagram.

injection molding machine

It is necessary to read more hydraulic diagrams and digest them deeply. For the mechanical and hydraulic diagrams of the injection molding machine, it is necessary to clarify its function and ins and outs. And indicate one by one on the drawing, such as which solenoid valve actuates the clamping? What are the corresponding PC and PLC output and input? It is stated in the picture that this way, from the electrical to the mechanical action, it is important to understand the parts that are closely related to the machine and electricity. Now the injection molding machine adopts electro-hydraulic proportional technology, and it is important to understand its role and function. Understand the adjustment method and adjustment data, the proportional valve current and the pressure of the corresponding pump in static and dynamic conditions, understand both electricity and machine, mechatronics, and master a variety of skills, so that the ability to solve problems is great.

Ask the injection molding machine experts more. If you have the opportunity for training or injection molding machine experts come to your factory to install and debug the injection molding machine, you'd better have the opportunity to participate. This is the best learning opportunity, because you can get a lot of first-hand information and injection molding machine debugging methods and skills. If you don't understand, you must figure it out. Through this period of time, there will be great gains, and a lot of internal information and manuals (which are confidential to users) can be obtained. After the injection molding machine is put into formal production, you should also keep close contact with the relevant experts of the injection molding machine.

The core of the repair work of the injection molding machine is the judgment of the fault and the treatment of the fault. It involves a wide range of knowledge, a large degree of complexity, and a certain depth. It is necessary to have basic knowledge of mechanical equipment maintenance, basic knowledge of hydraulic maintenance, and basic knowledge of electrical maintenance. In fact, the maintenance of injection molding machine is difficult, but it is also a process of continuous learning and progress. As long as you master the basic working principle of the injection molding machine and master the basic working methods, you can explore a set of maintenance procedures for all types of models to ensure The injection molding machine is operating normally.

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