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What should I do if the vehicle lamp BMC injection molding machine leaks?

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There are three main places where the injection molding machine leaks:
1. Nozzle and mold interface
2. At the interface between nozzle and flange
3. At the interface between flange and barrel
4. Flange cracking

The first type of reason: the nozzle is not aligned with the mold inlet, and the position of the seat needs to be adjusted. Nozzle R angle does not match the mold R, you need to change the nozzle, or temporarily pad a piece of paper in the mold feed port, but you must always check the position of the seat in and stop, adjust the seat in and stop position

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The second type of reason: the nozzle is not tightened, and the contact surface of the nozzle with the flange and the top of the teeth need to be cleaned. Re-tightened the nozzle tail is not long enough to cause the nozzle to contact the flange not in place, and it needs to be replaced with a suitable nozzle. Or the contact surface of the flange is damaged, the nozzle needs to be replaced or the teeth of the flange are damaged, which leads to uncontrollable screwing, and it needs to be replaced.

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