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What to do if the indicator light on the injection molding machine is abnormal?

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I believe everyone is familiar with injection molding machine. Injection molding machines have the ability to mold plastic products with complex appearance, precise dimensions or dense dimensions with metal inserts at one time. They are widely used in national defense, electromechanics, automobiles, and transportation. Building materials, packaging and other fields. Through the continuous development of the plastics industry, injection molding machines also play an important role in industrial production. But no one has noticed that the small accessory in the injection molding machine-the filter element, is actually built into the injection molding machine so much.

PVC1000 Injection Molding Machine
Speaking of the filter element, we should start with our own injection molding machine. The customer once told Lisong technicians that the indicator light on the injection molding machine was abnormal. At that time, we invited a master to repair it. Later, we discovered that it was the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine. The filter element needs to be replaced. We have replaced a durable filter element for our customers. This filter element has passed national test standards and is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The results have also proved that the filter element should be properly adapted during the running-in of the injection molding machine. For the parts with high pressure resistance, customers are quite satisfied with this treatment.

Because of this, we have a different view on the filter element of the injection molding machine. Buying the right accessories can extend the life of the equipment and reduce the cost.

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