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What to pay attention to when using a five-axis servo manipulator?

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As an auxiliary machine of the injection molding machine, the manipulator improves the automation level of the production line and greatly improves the production efficiency of the injection molding machine!

What should I pay attention to when using a five-axis servo manipulator?

 1. Before installing, wiring, operating and protecting the five-axis servo manipulator, you must be familiar with the contents of the machine manual. When using, you must be familiar with the safety precautions related to mechanical and electronic knowledge. After turning on the power, it will connect the mechanical field and the electronic field. The working principle is also more complicated. Only when the working method is clear and any emergency situations can be handled correctly in time, can the correct method of using the five-axis servo manipulator be mastered.

2. The five-axis servo manipulator should be installed on metal and other flame-retardant materials, because the manipulator is a live device. If it comes in contact with combustible materials, it will cause a violent chemical reaction. Therefore, please pay special attention to whether the installation environment is far away from combustible materials to eliminate potential hazards.

3. When there is an abnormal situation in the external power supply, the control system will send a message to remind the operator of this situation. In order to make all systems work safely, it is necessary to install a safety circuit and add a protection path to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

4. The wiring work of the five-axis servo manipulator must be performed by a professional electrician. Wiring is more complicated and needs to be handled by personnel with professional electronic knowledge. Safe wiring is more secure. During the operation, the staff should stand in a safe position.

5. The five-axis servo manipulator must be grounded when in use. The manipulator is a large machine, and its power consumption is much higher than that of ordinary electrical appliances. For the user's personal safety, grounding can minimize accidental injuries to personnel.

For the familiar precautions of using the five-axis servo manipulator, the operator must operate in accordance with the safety rules to avoid a life safety crisis. At the same time, this also recognizes the seriousness of the correct operation of the five-axis servo manipulator. machine. With the continuous development of the machinery industry, the demand for manipulators will be more vigorous. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly understand how to use five-axis servo mechanical gestures.

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