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What type of small plastic injection machine makes a cup?

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The injection molding machine is a universal device. The tool determines what is made. Therefore, almost any injection molding machine with suitable tools can be used to make cups. The size of the machine needs to be adjusted so that the injection volume is slightly larger than the amount of material used to make the cup and the gate and runner system required in the mold. For small items such as cups that are manufactured in large quantities, large machines with multi-cavity tools are usually used. In this way, in each cycle of the machine, you will get multiple cups.

Plastic cups can also be manufactured using processes other than injection molding, and other types of machines can be used. The red solo cup was cut from a hot plastic board. The cold plastic sheet enters the machine and then passes through the oven to heat and soften the plastic. The sheet enters a mold that uses pressure and tool form to form a cup. The formed cup is punched out from the lip forming sheet. Turn on the tool and blow the cup out.

The styrofoam beads are pumped into the mold with air through air such as a vacuum hose. The foam beads are then heated with steam or hot air to bulge them and fuse them together in a closed mold. The mold is cooled and opened, and the cup pops out.

small injection machine
Why choose Lisong small injection molding machine?
1. Large opening stroke
The machine is used to lock the die with the center of direct pressure, which has uniform and stable transmission of the locking force. It has a larger opening stroke, which is larger than that of the same type in the industry (20-30)%
2.High speed
Fast speed, production cycle almost doubled.
Taking the production of an eight-thousand-ml circular lid as an example, the cycle of a well-known domestic brand 390T model is more than 7s, and the whole cycle of Lisong LS288G6 is only about 4.8s when the equipment is automatically taken out.
3.Energy saving
Low energy consumption, saving over 30% of energy consumption.
The energy consumption of the injection molding machine of the same specification is 35-40kw/hour, a small part of it is barely 35KW/ hour, and the energy consumption of LS288G6 is only 25KW/ hour, which greatly reduces the production cost.
Intelligent, realize the whole process of unmanned production.
With advanced intelligent technology and mature design of robot module, the product can realize the automation of continuous production process stably, without any manual operation, and achieve the best black light factory mode.

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