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What you must know: Pay attention to details when polishing plastic molds

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Need to pay attention to details when polishing the mold. In modern industry, most molds need to be polished and polished, because polishing can improve the aesthetics of the product. There is a category. In the mold polishing processing industry, it can also make demoulding easier, which can promote factory processing and save costs. After the ordinary mold is polished, the user needs electroplating, which can greatly improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the mold.

The polished product has low surface roughness, high flatness, and high finish, so the surface of the plastic parts produced is brighter, just like the cosmetics on the product.
plastic mold
The details of the mold polishing need to pay attention to: the polishing environment of the mold should be carried out in a clean and ventilated place, because the hard dust is easy to drill into the plaster and will damage the surface with good wear; the mold should be polished from the angle, edge, sheet or mold The other parts begin. Each polishing tool is only suitable for one type of drilling plaster, and pay attention to dust.

The hand and workpiece should be cleaned every time the drill bit is replaced, and the polishing pressure should be adjusted to match the hardness of the polishing tool and the size of the plaster drilled. For a good drilling plaster, the pressure is only as great as the weight of the polishing tool.

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