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Why are many people buying high-speed injection molding machines?

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The high-speed injection molding machine adopts energy storage assisted injection, which greatly improves the injection speed, the machine cycle is fast, the production efficiency is high, and it has a very high cost performance.

High-speed injection molding machine is particularly suitable for the production of ultra-thin and sophisticated products, generally suitable for disposable packaging products, aviation cups, fast food boxes, jelly boxes, raw materials are usually PP, PE, PS and high-demand packaging products, such as CD and DVD Shells, engineering products, etc., the raw materials are generally POM, PA, PC, PBT, etc. If you have contacted a relatively good high-speed injection molding machine, you will know Shanghai Lisong Machinery.

High-speed Injection Machine
Why do many people choose high-speed injection molding machines and what are the advantages?
⑴ Reduce injection time and shorten molding cycle;
⑵ Improve the plastic process, which is conducive to the forming of thin-walled parts;
⑶ DKM high-speed machine can improve the surface gloss of products;
⑷ It can increase the strength of the welding line, so that the welding line is not obvious.

Generally speaking, most people choose it because the high-speed injection molding machine runs faster than ordinary injection molding machines, and the high-speed injection molding machine has the advantages of high speed and energy saving, and can also increase the output per unit time, thereby reducing production costs. Improve competitiveness.

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