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Why can't my injection molding machine be adjusted?

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Injection molding machine is a key forming machine equipment that uses plastic forming molds to make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic materials into various shapes of plastic products.

The main reasons why the injection molding machine cannot be adjusted are as follows:
1. Deviation of mechanical equipment level and coaxiality. Check with a level angle ruler. Adjust the coaxiality and level.
2. Burning the nut: Check whether the nut can be rotated and hot, and whether iron powder goes out. Remove and replace the nut.
3. Adjust the upper and lower support plates. Remove the support plate lock nut for inspection. Adjust the adjustment nut.
4. The mold adjusting valve core is stuck. Remove the valve for inspection. Clean the valve.
5. The mold adjusting motor is broken: check the oil motor. Replace or repair the oil motor.
6. The gap between the pressure plate and the die-adjusting nut is too small. Use feeler gauge to measure accurately. Adjust the gap between the pressure plate and the nut, and adjust the gap between the mold nut and the pressure plate (clearance ≤ 0.05 mm).
7. The I/O board is broken. Check whether there is a data signal at the output point on the page on the computer, and check the electronic board.

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