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Why maintain injection molding molds?

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Injection molding is a manufacturing process for mass-produced parts. The main advantage of injection molding is the collective ability of large-scale production. All of the injection molded parts are important components from micro parts to large parts. Almost all manufacturing industries use injection molded parts-through the use of this process, the flexibility of size and shape has continued the design boundaries of plastics, and due to lightweight and design freedom, important substitutions of traditional materials have become possible.

Over time, the mold can be worn out during the molding process. If you do not perform regular maintenance, such as changing the oil, mechanical parts will wear out, reducing operating efficiency and eventually failing. The key to a good (designed) mold is to consistently produce high-quality injection molded parts. The impression of uniform cooling in the cavity (from the cavity in the multi-cavity cavity) will produce high quality and fast cycle time.

5/3 Gallon/Oil / Jar Preform Mold
Ensuring the quality of medical precision injection molds requires well-designed molds and high-precision establishments, tools that can increase construction costs and daily maintenance costs. However, these measures will eventually save you maintenance costs. As a best practice, choose the model for maintenance, such as cleaning the mold parting line during the production and operation process, there is a dedicated service team to track documents and mold maintenance to ensure that the mold receives long-term care needs.

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