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We Promise

LI SONG will always serve customers by the service tenet of being responsible for every procedure, every injection molding machine and every customer. We firmly believe that we can get sincere repayment with our sincere dedication.

  • Installation
  • Debugging
  • Communication
  • Troubleshooting

Pre-sale service:

1、A comprehensive understanding of the needs of customers. 2、Recommend that customers select the right model 3、Help customers to configure peripheral equipment. 4、To help customers plan of water, electricity, gas, oil and other programs. 5、Feasibility scheme to buy force loose injection molding machine.

In the sale of services:

1、Timely communication with customers, timely delivery to customers 2、To assist the client installation, commissioning. 3、Training operation and repair personnel.

After-sale service:

1、 24 hours after sale service. Company is committed to customer within 24 hours after sale service;Company customer service hotline 24 hours:0576-84280715 2、 Technical guidance and training 3、 Regular users return

After the machine is sold, we will send a technical specialist to regularly check the user’s injection molding machine,guidance to help customers on maintenance, maintenance and repair, to help customers solve problems encountered machine, process and die area; visit during my company service personnel will be on the user machine routine repair and maintenance for users and machines comments and suggestions; at the same time, to understand the opinions and suggestions to the user of the machine, and make records.

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